2 Cool Percussion LT Concert Tom Field Drum Rack

LT Concert Tom Field Drum Racks

Mount most anything to the rack such as cymbal booms, concert toms, congas, bongos, cymbals, bells, crash cymbals, timbales, concert snare drum, brake drums, etc, etc.

Move a lot of instruments super easy all at once, saving time and a lot of trouble plus taking the stress out of getting equipment on and off the performance area.

Giving your auxiliary percussionist a lot to do with more instruments.

Added enhancement to the overall sound of your ensemble.

There is 5 models.

  • 7236-LT Drum Racks models are big enough for 2 players and can have up to 11 multi clamps
  • Double Tier 7236-LT Drum Rack¬†, has upper level that is height adjustable made for more¬†cymbals and percussion accessories comes with15 multi clamps.
  • Model 5632 LT has 4 – 8 inch castors or 4 inch solid castors and is height adjustable, 12 inches or down, has 9 multi mounts and measure 56 inches width and 32 inches depth is designed for one player.
  • 9642 LT is designed for more space and two players or three players, comes with 15 multi clamps, it is 96 inches wide and 42 inches deep.


If needing a marching bass drum rack (see XLT marching bass drum rack page)


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