Offworld INVADER V3 Drum Pad

Representing years of on-field research and innovation, the Offworld INVADER V3 Drum Pad boasts a slick, other-worldly design like no other drum practice pad on the planet.

Featuring a truly 360°, stick saving RIM like a on real drum, element and a newly formulated playing surface with a feel and articulation you have to experience to believe.

The INVADER heralds a paradigm shift in pro-percussion practice implements that will change the way you approach the drum forever. (sticks and stand sold separately)

Used by Banished Beyond and many others.


Equipped with stick-saving 360° rim!
Featuring Darkmatter™
Formulated-authentic true-to-the-drum experience
Encased in a specialty formulated high-impact
Industrial-strength, abrasion and weather resistant
Smoldering black nylon composite matrix
Complimented by an amazingly non-slip base
Fits perfectly onto any 14″ snare or stand hardware

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