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Rampad pic 1 480x410 - RamPad


Model RP-OR-001

Used by the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps

Great sound is only achieved by hearing every note you play and training yourself to adjust accordingly. Being critical of the sound you produce quickens your learning process in achieving the correct touch, timbre, and overall technique.

The RamPad(tm) concept: you can’t run, and you can’t hide. Percussionists are musically exposed when it comes to errors and it all comes down to consistent performance levels learned through quality rehearsal time. Muscle memory and ear training are key components to a great sound and playing at a professional level.

No false sense of security: you know exactly how you’re playing and what you sound like when you play on a RamPad. Only with consistent and disciplined rehearsal time (e.g. monitoring your sound quality, enforcing proper technique and tempo control) prepares you for when it’s time to step on stage.

RamPad(tm) removes the guessing Practice smart and efficiently. RamPad(tm) gives you the feedback you need when it comes to musical dynamics and achieving a great sound quality.

RamPad(tm) sounds great loud or soft! Perform your music with complete expression and acquire the muscle memory needed to transition from pad to drum.

RamPad(tm) is effective for ensembles. You need a tool with a crisp sound. You also need to develop great listening skills to play in an ensemble. RamPad(tm) makes it easy to synchronize your playing with others.

Has standard tension rods and is tunable with a drum key.

Has 2.3 mm triple flange rim with 10″ Aquarian Drum Head and fits stand cymbal stands or snare drum stand.

There is four model, standard pad/ concert series, standard pad marching series, custom art work – concert series and last custom art work marching series.

If getting a Ram Pad with custom artwork please email the art work that fits under a 10 inch drum head, artwork such as school logo, name of a drum corps, list of rudiments, your favorite cat picture, whatever you can come up with, it can be added to the pad. Please email a nice clear picture. Call or email for custom needs.

School discounts available.


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Standard Pad or Custom Pad