Cymbal Boom

List of Accessories 

Cymbal boom







Mc Mount for marimba vibes and xylophone


Microphone boom arm and mic shock mount that isolates microphone from mallet frame and uses 1 1/4 U clamp setup for mallet frames such as marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones and bells.

Great when traveling over rough ground, keeps the mic in the right spot for the best sound.

Note: Use two mics set up for marimba, and one mic for either vibes, xylophone and bells.

Price $ 68.00 each



Bell Holder Bell Holder, angle up and down for that perfect playing position, used for mounting on front of drum rack of mallet frames, or used in concert tom drum rack.





Crash cymbal holderCrash cymbal holder, mount onto mallet frames, and concert tom racks, holds on pair of crash cymbals.







Conga MountsConga Mounts, 1 pair for mount congas on concert tom drum rack and sides of mallet frame with drum rack.






Djembe MountDjembe Mount, for mounting in concert tom racks and the sides of mallet frames with drum rack, please state what size of djembe you have (inches), custom made to order.









Marching xylophone holder

Marching xylophone holder


Marching xylophone holder, for mounting marching xylophone on front of marimba frame drum rack or in concert tom rack. Angles up and down for that perfect playing position.







2 Cool Percussion multi clamp

Multi Clamp

Multi clamp fit 1 1/2 square tubing drum rack.

$15.00 each






Gong Attachment Gong Attachment, for hanging small  gongs 24″ and smaller.

Mount concert tom rack or mallet keyboard cart racks.

Folds down and rotates.




2 Cool Percussion trap table

Trap Table 2 ft x 2 ft, mounts on drum racks and mallet keyboard cart’s drum rack and cymbal stands.








5 note chimes holder5 note chimes holder, mounts onto concert tom racks and side of mallet frames.


Holder any chime tube notes needed, for the show.







Tarp Table with auxiliary percussion rackTrap Table with auxiliary LP percussion rack, comes with cymbal arm and 3/8 rods for cowbells, jojo bells, jamblocks and such.


Mount onto concert tom racks.





China Cymbal to marching bass drum mountChina / splash cymbal clamp onto marching bass drum rim.

For mounting china or splash cymbal (8″-11″) or sandwich both cymbals  for a cool sound effect for marching bass drumlines.
$19.99 each





8 inch no flat caster8 inch no flat caster, 4  inch square plate (swivel).


Swivels or rigid with or without brakes









I pad Holder



I Pad Air Stand Holder  for I  pad 1 or 2 for electronic keyboard carts and drum racks.

Price $54.00








SKB rackmount ATA case 6 space- for electronic keyboard cart


Price $ 189.00







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