Mallet keyboard frame, and carts

Mallet Keyboard Field Frame with 3-Sided Drum Rack

Custom made frame to fit your marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, or bells Glockenspiel like a glove.

Save some money with new mallet keyboard frame !

Replace that old worn out mallet instrument frame, cart or legs with a new and tougher mallet cart field frame from 2 Cool Percussion.

Instead of retiring the old mallet keyboard instrument because of busted up frames and buying a much more expensive new mallet instrument, replace the frame saving your music budget for other needs !

In turn, make your old mallet instrument look new, practical, and useful again and build to be used indoor and outdoor.

Get your pit-front ensemble equipment in shape for this up coming marching season.

For bells  (see bell-glockenspiel stand page).

With the drum rack on the mallet frame, get the most sound effects out of each and every mallet instrument pit player.

With the built in tow handle you can hitch one mallet instrument to next mallet instrument like a train, great when at practice with few people to help to get all the equipment to and from the field, get setup times much faster.

Faster set up times better scores with less stress.

Mallet instrument stays still and 3-sided drum rack flips up and down for narrow doorways and gates.

3-sided drum rack that flips up and down, great when you have to go through a narrow doorways/ gates and tight storage areas.

With the drum rack you can add more sound effects to your front ensemble without carrying extra stands as well as making the moving of equipment much easier!

Used on the field or concert stage use


  • Standard 8 inch no-flat castors or 4″ solid castors
  • Tow handle / hitch one instrument to the next instrument like a train
  • Height adjustable + or – 12 inches
  • 4 multi clamps for marimba, vibraphone and xylophones
  • 2 multi mount for bells note: see bell cart in product list
  • 3 sided 1-1/2 square steel slip proof drum rack that (( flips up and down )).
  • Custom made to fit your mallet instrument( Marimba, Vibraphone, or Xylophone, bells / glockenspiel) like a glove.
  • Easily disassembled without tools, uses tee handles
  • All Steel tubing construction, with hammer black paint

Size of Casters

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