Author: Ron Thorpe

Snare Quad Rack

Snare Quad Rack

[mp_buy_button]New from 2 Cool Percussion the Snare Quad Rack. Mount your marching snare drums and or quad into the rack, comes with front drum rack to mount everything from cymbal boom to music stands. Height adjustable rack. 8″ casters Come with 7 multi clamps Also has a tow handle (removable) to pull it out with…

2 Cool Percussion econo mallet frame for marching band 2a - Econo Mallet Keyboard Frame

Econo Mallet Keyboard Frame

Custom made to fit either your marimba, vibraphone, xylophone or bells. Replace that old worn out mallet instrument frame, cart or legs with a new and tougher frame from 2 Cool Percussion. Instead of retiring the old mallet keyboard instrument because of busted up frames and buying a much more expensive new mallet instrument, replace…

Angled bell stand

Angled Bell Stand

This new angled bell stand is for bells, marching xylophone, MalletKat, or Xylosynth. The stand gets the bells or mallet Kat as close to the front of a marimba, vibraphone or xylophone and angled down as needed when switching back and forth while playing between mallet instruments.   Features: 8 inch no flat caster or 4 inch solid…

2 Cool Percusion ULT drum rack 1a 840x410 - ULT Drum Rack

ULT Drum Rack

ULT drum rack, built for rough terrain, move a lot of instruments super easy all at once, saving time and a lot of trouble plus taking the stress out of getting percussion equipment on and off the field quickly. Comes standard with 8 inch no flat casters or optional 4 inch solid castors. Giving your auxiliary percussionist…

4840 Concert tom auxilary percussion drum rack

4840 Concert Percussion Tom Rack

Used by Sunrisers Drum and Bugle Corps, 2007 DCA Class A Champion Built for congas and bongos, cymbals and drums, snare drums, trap tables, speakers and more. Built for rough terrain ! Features: 8 inch no flat casters or 4 inch solid casters Multi clamps, clamp anything to the rack 1-1/2 square slip proof steel tubing…

Timpani Cart

Timpani Cart

Timpani field cart, move all four or five timpani with just one person, speed up the setup times. Timpani are higher off the ground, so most people don’t uses the timpani as a table anymore, saves drum heads. Timpani cart that folds in for playing position and then stretched out for moving through doorways and a narrow gates.…

Marching band speaker cart

Single Multi-Angle Speaker Cart

Move your large speakers quick and easy on or off the performance area or practice field. Quickly move your front ensemble pit speakers and mixers on carts or field frames to make your life easier for your staff and band members. Comes with 8 no flat castors or 4 inch solid castors and removable tow handle. Built for rough…

2 Cool Percussion Gig Rig Cart for marching band

Gig Rig Cart

Move your large speakers or mixer cart, quick and easy on or off the performance area. Also custom made to fit the Mighty Gig Rig Rolling Rack System / platform. Comes with 4 – 8 inch no flat castors. With or without a removable tow handle – can hitch one cart to the next cart like a…

2 COOLPER cussion prop carts

Prop Cart

Get a real WOW from your next show with prop carts and back drop stands. Custom made to order prop carts and backdrop stands. This cart can be made bigger or smaller, rectangle as seen here; or round, square or hexagon shaped carts. Folds downs to under 6 feet tall so to fit into typical…

2 Cool Percussion Rack Tom Rack 12 foot model - Rack Tom Rack

Rack Tom Rack

Measures 12 ft. wide x 4 ft. height Set height or adjustable models. Mount almost anything on it: cowbells, cymbals, and more. Breaks down into 6 ft. parts for easy storage. Made of 1-1/2 100% no-slip-proof square tubing. Comes with 8 inch no flat casters and 12 multi-clamps. Model Rack Tom Rack 12 Foot $1,020.00…

2 Cool Percussion Triple Tier Rack Tom Rack 3 664x410 - Triple Tier Rack Tom Rack

Triple Tier Rack Tom Rack

Three level drum rack. 20 feet wide and 6 and 1/2 feet tall. Mount almost anything on rack such as cymbal booms, drums, roto toms and much more. The two upper levels are height adjustable. Breaks down into 10 ft. parts for easy storage. Made of 1- 1/2 100% no-slip square tubing. Comes with 8 inch…

Econo Lead Pad Stand 840x410 - Econo Steel Drum Stands

Econo Steel Drum Stands

These econo stands is made of 1/2 electrical conduit that is welded together. and have a 2 foot removable pipe that span each leg . Leg have rubber cap feet to protect your flooring. Econo Steel drum stands models: Lead Pan Double 2nd Cello Tenor Basses Models and Options Econo lead pan stand $65.00 USDEcono…

Bell Carrier Attachment

Made for bells or marching xylophone. Carrier attachment goes underneath, and is adjustable for any size bell or marching xylophone. Velcro bells/xylo to carrier so it’s not permanent. Made for J-hook style drum carriers. Carrier attachment flips up so one can rest their back. Also come in Bell lyrestyle.

marching quad back bar

Quad Back Bar

Quad / Tenor Drums Back Bar   This marching quad back bar for J hook type of drum carrier, can flip up for the resting position. Tee handle adjust angle of drums. Comes with 8 spacer for bolting drum shells together.

Quad Cymbal carrier attachment

Quad Cymbal Carrier

Quad Cymbal Drum Carrier Attachment Features: Hold 4 cymbals and a small hi-hat as the spock cymbal, or can use china cymbals. Adjustable up and down and side-to-side. Comes with the cymbal felts. Made for J-hook carriers, and the carrier flips up resting and down for playing. Drum carrier not included. Price $ 190.00 Models…

Spinning Backbar for Quads

This marching quad backbar is for the J-hook type of drum carrier and can spin and flip up for the resting position. Has a tee handle to tighten down to keep from spinning. This will give you a really cool tenor solo and awesome visual too.

2 Cool Percussion Uniform Rack 2 840x410 - Uniform Rack

Uniform Rack

This custom, made-to-order uniform rack is built to hold 54 uniforms and 54 large hat cases. The top three shelves hold hat cases and two lower rails for uniforms. Designed narrow enough to be rolled up a U-Haul truck ramp. Has 4 – 5 inch swivel castors.

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