ULT Drum Rack

ULT drum rack, built for rough terrain, move a lot of instruments super easy all at once, saving time and a lot of trouble plus taking the stress out of getting percussion equipment on and off the field quickly.

Comes standard with 8 inch no flat casters or optional 4 inch solid castors.

Giving your auxiliary percussionist a lot to do with more instruments.

Added enhancement to the overall sound of your percussion ensemble / marching band.

Used as a mobile percussion rack and or (aux) auxiliary percussion rack.

Great as a congas, bongos, timbale, cow bells, Latin Percussion rack !

Can double as a speaker cart too, on the bottom section.

Both 2 upper levels are height adjustable, lower level fixed !


  • 4 – 8 inch no flat casters or 4 inch solid casters
  • Height adjustable upper and lower rack
  • Comes in different sizes, 48 inches, 72 inches and 96 inches wide.
  • 1-1/2 square slip proof steel tubing
  • Multi clamps, mount anything to the rack
  • Optional snare drum arm.


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