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Snare Quad Rack

Snare Quad Rack

[mp_buy_button]New from 2 Cool Percussion the Snare Quad Rack. Mount your marching snare drums and or quad into the rack, comes with front drum rack to mount everything from cymbal boom to music stands. Height adjustable rack. 8″ casters Come with 7 multi clamps Also has a tow handle (removable) to pull it out with…

2 Cool Percusion ULT drum rack 1a 840x410 - ULT Drum Rack

ULT Drum Rack

ULT drum rack, built for rough terrain, move a lot of instruments super easy all at once, saving time and a lot of trouble plus taking the stress out of getting percussion equipment on and off the field quickly. Comes standard with 8 inch no flat casters or optional 4 inch solid castors. Giving your auxiliary percussionist…

4840 Concert tom auxilary percussion drum rack

4840 Concert Percussion Tom Rack

Used by Sunrisers Drum and Bugle Corps, 2007 DCA Class A Champion Built for congas and bongos, cymbals and drums, snare drums, trap tables, speakers and more. Built for rough terrain ! Features: 8 inch no flat casters or 4 inch solid casters Multi clamps, clamp anything to the rack 1-1/2 square slip proof steel tubing…

2 Cool Percussion Rack Tom Rack 12 foot model - Rack Tom Rack

Rack Tom Rack

Measures 12 ft. wide x 4 ft. height Set height or adjustable models. Mount almost anything on it: cowbells, cymbals, and more. Breaks down into 6 ft. parts for easy storage. Made of 1-1/2 100% no-slip-proof square tubing. Comes with 8 inch no flat casters and 12 multi-clamps. Model Rack Tom Rack 12 Foot $1,020.00…

2 Cool Percussion Triple Tier Rack Tom Rack 3 664x410 - Triple Tier Rack Tom Rack

Triple Tier Rack Tom Rack

Three level drum rack. 20 feet wide and 6 and 1/2 feet tall. Mount almost anything on rack such as cymbal booms, drums, roto toms and much more. The two upper levels are height adjustable. Breaks down into 10 ft. parts for easy storage. Made of 1- 1/2 100% no-slip square tubing. Comes with 8 inch…

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