Spinning Marching Bass Drum Attachment

Spinning Bass Drum Attachment

Spin your bass drum or play the bass drum flat like a snare drum. Designed to fit your carrier and bass drum. What ever model you have, custom built.

Remove old eyebolt from bass drum install part onto drum.

No drilling of new holes into drum, just add it on. Bolt other half on drum carrier.

You can remove carrier form bass with a twist of a tee handle which also locks drum into a desired a position, such as flat or straight up and down.

Slightly loosen tee handle to spin bass drum.

Please let us know which (brand of bass drum carrier) you have,

And (brand of bass drum) and the spacing of the eyebolts center to center down to an 1/8 of an inch, went ordering.

— Example Randal May tube carrier, Pearl bass drum 8″ spacing of hole–


Price $ 85.50

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