Category: Drum Carrier Attachments

Bell Carrier Attachment

Made for bells or marching xylophone. Carrier attachment goes underneath, and is adjustable for any size bell or marching xylophone. Velcro bells/xylo to carrier so it’s not permanent. Made for J-hook style drum carriers. Carrier attachment flips up so one can rest their back. Also come in Bell lyrestyle.

marching quad back bar

Quad Back Bar

Quad / Tenor Drums Back Bar   This marching quad back bar for J hook type of drum carrier, can flip up for the resting position. Tee handle adjust angle of drums. Comes with 8 spacer for bolting drum shells together.

Quad Cymbal carrier attachment

Quad Cymbal Carrier

Quad Cymbal Drum Carrier Attachment Features: Hold 4 cymbals and a small hi-hat as the spock cymbal, or can use china cymbals. Adjustable up and down and side-to-side. Comes with the cymbal felts. Made for J-hook carriers, and the carrier flips up resting and down for playing. Drum carrier not included. Price $ 190.00 Models…

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