Timpani Cart for marching band

Timpani Cart

Timpani field cart, move all four or five timpani with just one person, speed up the setup times.

Timpani are higher off the ground, so most people don’t uses the timpani as a table anymore, saves drum heads.

Timpani cart that folds in for playing position and then stretched out for moving through doorways and a narrow gates.

Saving time and less stress.

New design, steel frame model.

Shipped by freight truck only.

      • Made for either 3, 4 or 5 timpani.
      • Comes with A-shaped tow handle which is removable, and can be tow by hand or  a Gator / riding lawn mower.
      • Move all 4 or 5 timpani by just one person with all four timpani on top though narrow doorways and gates.
      • Both cart are hitch together by eyebolt and spring loaded lock system, in which it make it easy to separate both carts from each other for easy loading onto equipment truck or into storage.
      • Folding rear platform for standing on or for drum throne/stool.
      • Platform locks cart into playing position.
      • 8 inch no flat castors in which 2 are straight tires so cart is easily move down angle sidewalks without rear end moving around and such.
      • Narrow enough to go through a standard doorway with all the timpani on the cart
      • Made tough with heavy duty steel square tubing.

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