2 Cool Percussion Concert Bass Drum Gong Stand

Suspended Concert Bass Drum / Gong Stand – Field Model

Concert Bass Drum Stand, suspended ring for bass drum, and gong stand attached to bass drum stand, gong side hinges in and out for desired playing zone, and remove the gong so to fold down and around the bass drum for storage and transporting.


  • 8 inch no flat castor or optional 4 inch solid castors.
  • Suspended ring hold drum sizes up 52 inches and rotates at any angle for easy playing
  • 2 Foot rests for easy playing position
  • Fold in gong stand at an angle to play both bass drum and gong at the same time, and the same center point playing area of the gong and bass drum.
  • Wheel added the gong stand for added support for very larger and heavy gongs.
  • 8 — black rubber cord to suspend drum. Either hook them to the tension rods or to eye bolts.
  • Tow handle which can be connected together to other frames and is hinged from the top down so not to trip over, one castor is can be made stationary so the rear end does move all over the place.


Size of Bass Gong Stand

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2 Cool Percussion concert bass drum stand with gong attachment