2 Cool Percussion Multi Concert Bass Drum Trap Table Auxiliary Rack Gong Stand

Concert Bass/Gong/Trap Table Stand

The multi stand holds bass drum, gong, trap-table, concert snare drum, crash cymbals holder, aux rack (such as cowbell, wood blocks, cymbals, jam blocks, etc.).


  • 8 inch no flat casters or optional 4 inch solid casters.
  • 2 foot rests
  • Bass Drum Ring hold up 48″,  bass drum ring can rotate at any angle for easy playing
  • Gong Stand up to 48 inch gong, the gong ring now has 8 inch no flat caster for support and also folds inward for storage.
  • Auxiliary Rack hold up to 5 — 3/8 round rods for lots of cowbells, wood block, jam blocks.
  • Trap table covered in black fabric to deaden sound when things are on it.
  • All can fold inward down to 6 foot to fit in small pick-up truck 6 foot bed
  • Gong stand and bass drum stand are center so the player hit the sweet spot-of both gong and bass drum for easy playing.
  • Crash cymbal holder.
  • 1 Cymbal arm on auxiliary rack/ trap table

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Multi Concret bass drum gong trap table auxiliary rack stand