Eenclosed electronic keyboard cart 2 Cool Percussion

Enclosed Electronic Keyboard Cart


 Enclosed Electronic Keyboard Cart


  • 4ft, 5ft, (6ft- most popular size), and 8ft sizes
  • Enclosed opens into a second shelf, for adding ipads, laptop computers, mixers ,etc.
  • Top has 2 latches to lock lid down
  • Tow handle, can hitch one cart to another, great when you have two cart and one person.
  • Height adjustable
  • 2 multi clamps welded in , made for clamp on lap top holder, mic mount, cymbals, 2 rails at bottom for speakers, or adding mixer case, or add bottom deck
  • No need to break down you electronic system, just close the case lid, great when it rains when you need the same the system from water damage.
  • Bottom deck add $65.00
  • Gator GR-10L – 10 Rack Spaces, molded from Polyethylene Gator’s deluxe rack case,  add $259.00

When choosing which size of cart to get, measure your electronic keyboard instrument and then add 2 feet for any future electronic needs, like a small mixer or laptop.

Sizes of Cart

Call or email for any custom needs.