Electronic Keyboard Cart

Electronic Keyboard Synthesizer Field Cart

6ft Electronic Keyboard Cart trap table style 1

Electronic keyboard cart / synthesizer cart for marching bands, drum corps and indoor winter percussion.

Used as synth – speaker –  mixer cart all in one.

Custom made to order.


  • 8 inch no flat castors or optional 4 inch solid castors.
  • Keyboard platform height adjustable
  • Aux Rack for 2nd tier electronic keyboard or LP instruments.
  • Tow handle — hitch one cart to another like a train, making it easier to get everything in one trip.
  • Mount a mixer, amp, sequencer, microphone,+drum machine, battery power system, wireless system, music stand, etc. fully customizable for your needs.
  • Put speakers and other equipment underneath.
  • Tow behind other instruments such as bass drum stand or mallet keyboards stand.
  • 2 multi-mounts to clamp on thing such as mics, cymbals and such
  • Optional 2nd electronic keyboard stack mount, add $60.00
  • Optional 2 deck underneath. add $95.00.
  • Comes 4 ft,5ft, 6 ft (most popular model), and 8 ft (made for two players) and even 10 ft

When choosing which cart size to get, measure your electronic keyboard instrument and add 2 feet for any future electronic devices such laptop or mixer.

synthesizer cart



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