Drumset Field Cart

Drum Set Cart

2 Part drum set cart from 2 Cool Percussion, that rolls around and folds in half.

The faster way of getting your drum set on the field with less stress.

The drum set cart fold up and down to go through narrow doorways and gates.

Folds up and down quickly for quick set up of the drum set or timpani or for rack tom player.

Has a built in drum rack that is removable.

The drum rack 1 1/2 square tubing, with 9 multi clamps that are slip proof .

28″ diameter bass drum can fit under drum rack.

The drum side rack fold inward and outwards and the sides are removable, comes with 9 multi clamps.

Clamp all cymbal booms and tom arms to drum rack.

The cart fold up in half with the 34 inches wide main base side, so to got through narrow doorways.

Note: if you have very narrow doorways at your school, we make offset model drum set cart to fit even the smallest doorway, email for custom needs.

Has 4 inch solid castors wheels with brakes, or can be fitted with 8 inch no flat castors, depending how its used on the field or band room, music studio.

Designed to be movable with the drum set on top, you could spin the cart around as the drum set player performs

Removable tow handle.

With or without drum rack models

This cart weight 175 lbs with 8 inch no flat castors

Note: If you are going over dirt and grass with the cart get the (8″ no flat casters), if using cart inside on smooth floor or smooth pavement all the time use (4″ casters).

Drum Rack With or Without

Call or email which caster you need.

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