Chimes Stand field frame

Chimes Stand Field Cart




  • Built for rough terrain, making moving the chimes a lot easier in grass and in the parking lot or just moving around campus.
  • Made of all steel construction.
  • By removing the old chimes stand legs and reto fitting a new rough terrain chimes stand legs kit with 8 inch no flat castors.
  • Has one strait castor on the rear or all swivels with a wheel stopper.
  • Works well with the tow handle that clamps on the chimes frame, that even a ten year old could pull the chimes now.
  • Wider legs to keep chimes from tipping over in rough terrain.
  • Tow handle make it easier move and can attach to other instruments such as a concert bass drum or mallet keyboard frame.
  • Old legs can be put back on for concert band use after marching band season is over.
  • When ordering state which brand of chimes you have, such as Musser, Deagan, Ross, Adams, Premier, Jenico, Slingerland, Bergerault and others.


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