Concert Bass Drum Stand

2 Cool Percussion concert bass drum stand

Tilting 360° rotation for easier playing and a suspension ring system that requires no drilling into the concert bass drum shell.

8″ no castors or (optional 4″ solid castors, two with brakes two without).

Suspended ring hold drum sizes up 52″ or if need bigger let us know.

2 Foot rests for easy playing position.

Black nylon double hooked rubber cord to suspend drum and to maximizes the low frequencies and let the drum resonate.

Either hook the cords to the tension rods or to the bass drum’s eye bolts.

Tow handle which can be connected together to other frames and is hinged from the top down so not to trip over.

One castor is can be made stationary so the rear end does move all over the place, tow handle is removable with no tools.

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