Sub speaker cart from 2 Cool Percussion

Move your large sub speakers or mixer cart, quick and easy on or off the performance area.

Also custom made to fit your sub speaker and stacking the main speaker on top.

Comes with 4 – 8 castors.

With or without a removable tow handle – can hitch one cart to the next cart like a train.

Built for rough terrain.

Custom made to fit any size speakers, mixer/Gig Rig sound mixer case or shapes such as square or trapezoidal.

Great for SKB Gig Rigs Mixer Cart too.

Also can double for a cart to hold an Igloo® water jug cooler.

Come with a tow handle, each has rear eyebolt so one cart hitches to the next cart making a train so person can pull more than one cart at a time.

A real time saver especially during practice when you have less people to move equipment.

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