Bleacher Tenor Drum Stand

Please state if carrier system on snare and quad uses 7/16 or 1/2 or 5/8 J- Hooks, or the newer mono post design.


Made to go flat on the ground or in the bleachers/stadium too
Great for marching bands, drum corps, and indoor drumline
When wearing your drums on your carrier, your drums is close to level, most companies carrier systems you can adjust the angle of the drum but when you put your drum on other companies drum stands, the drums are not even close to level when on their stands, the drums lean up on down
The hook leg can fold down and moves up and down for flat surfaces or moves up for the bleachers stands
Height Adjustable , leg folds down
Fits most major drum company marching drums
Bass drum stand top rotates 90° so the bass drum side is aim at the field when in the bleacher
Both the snare stand and bass stand can go very low or very high, great for both short and tall players. Works great for either middle school, high school or college age players.