Add on bass drum legs

Clamp On Floor Toms Legs

Clamp on floor tom leg, comes in a pair.


Clamp onto any bass drum
Such as a drum set bass drum and gives legs like a floor tom.
Without drilling into the drum shell.
Raise and lower the legs like any floor tom would.
Easy to add and remove.
Can be made with cymbal arm.
Great if you need a larger drum for a multi percussion piece of music for that extra low pitched bass drum sound.

Also a new model of clamp on legs, the ( 2 Leg Model )

Height adjustable

Comes with or without cymbal boom arm

3″ castors can be add so the bass drum can be rolled around— $200.00 per pair.

2 Cool Percussion 2 clamp on legs 3a 225x300 - Clamp On Floor Toms Legs

Clamp on leg for bass drum or concert bass or drum set bass drum


pixel - Clamp On Floor Toms Legs

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