spinning timbale 523x410 - Spinning Timbale Drum Carrier

Spinning Timbale Drum Carrier

Timbale Carrier 1 300x214 - Spinning Timbale Drum CarrierMount any timbales on a J hook drum carrier.

Small rack on front for cow bells, jamblocks and cymbal arm.

There are 2 models, spinning model and fixed model of timbale drum attachment.

Spinning model, drums spin (for a cool visual) and rack stay still, drums flips up to rest back, like a marching snare drum.

Fixed model (does not rotate), but drums flip up and down to rest back like  a marching snare drum.

Designed for J-hook model type marching drum carrier, or can be custom made for mono post drum carrier.


pixel - Spinning Timbale Drum Carrier

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