2 CoolPercussion Double speaker cart

Double Speaker Carts – Multi Angle

Move two large speakers quick and easy on or off the performance area or practice field.

Quickly move your pit front ensemble speakers and mixers on carts or field frames to make your life easier for your staff and band members.

Comes with 8 inch no flat castors or 4 inch solid castors and removable tow handle.

Built for rough terrain.

Pitch – angle the upper speaker back or forth, so to aim them at the audience in the stadium bleachers.

Upper speaker mount is height adjustable.

Custom made to fit any size speakers, or shapes such as square or trapezoidal.

Hitch two or more together, so one person can take all out with ease, great when you have fewer people to move equipment during practice setup, speed up setup times.

More time spent on practicing and less on setup,.

Please email the sizes of your speaker and brand and model# (W x H x L) plus any pictures.

If getting three speaker audio carts or more, sale discount.

Check out the other marching band equipment, such as mixer carts.

Contact us for details.

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