2 Cool percussion ULT Drum Rack

4840 Concert Tom Rack

Used by Sunrisers Drum and Bugle Corps, 2007 DCA Class A Champ

Built for congas and bongos, cymbals and drums, snare drums, trap tables, speakers and more.

Built for rough terrain !


  • 8 inch no flat casters or 4 inch solid casters
  • Multi clamps, clamp anything to the rack
  • 1-1/2 square slip proof steel tubing
  • Bottom deck can be added, to place cymbals, drums, speakers, mixer on deck.
  • Take up the same amount of space as marimba or vibe
  • Designed to go through narrow doorways.

There are 3 models

4828 rack- 48 inches wide and 28 inches deep with 8 multi clamps

7236 rack – 72 inches wide and 32 inches deep with 11 multi clamps

9232 rack – 96 inches wide and 32 inches deep with 15 multi clamps



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