Mobile Drum Set Rack

Drum Set Rack on Wheels

Drum Set Rack On Wheels

Introducing our revolutionary Drum Set Rack, designed to transform the way you set up and roll your entire drum set!
Perfect for school marching bands,Jazz Band, WGI, and DCI. This robust rack allows you to effortlessly roll your complete drum kit, including all cymbals, toms, bass drum/kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat, mics, drum modules and more on this drum rack. Bass drum has a lift system to raise the bass drum off the ground so to move it and lower down to play. Comes with 8″ casters 2 with brake and 9 multi clamp to clamp everything.
Please email a picture of your complete drumset and brand, so I can see if any mods need to be made to the rack so your drum set has the perfect setup.


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