2 Cool Percussion Drum set rack on wheels

Drum Set Rack on Wheels

Drum Set Rack On Wheels

Mount your whole drum set, cymbals, toms, bass drum/kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat, and more on this drum rack. Measure 53” wide and 30” deep side, or custom size as needed (as shown to the left)


  • 100% slip-proof 1 1/2 square steel tubing.
  • 9 multi clamp mounts
  • Snare drum arm, to mount upper snare drum stand on.
  • 8 inch no flat castor tires (2 wheels lock)
  • Or 4 inch solid castors (2 castors lock)
  • Height adjustable rack.
  • Lift & Go System to lift the bass drum off the ground by 4 inches, so to move quickly on and off the performance area, or just setup and break down faster at practice.
  • Just clamps onto bass drum rims.
  • Each side hinge in and out so to go through narrow doorways, even with the whole drum set on board.

Choice of casters

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